Renting a stress less kitchen

Creating a free account at Complete your profile and we will contact you as soon as possible. The better your profile is filled in, the more chance of a kitchen! However, are you unable to solve it? Then we have made some frequently asked questions for you below.

Help on your reservations

Can anyone register?

Yes, anyone can register. However, we do keep a selection when it comes to entrepreneurs that we allow in the kitchens. A personal interview will take place after registering on the website.

What are the costs?

This depends on witch kitchen you choose. We believe that you should only pay for what you use. No monthly subscriptions, unless you want to.

I have lost my data.

The login screen has a “Forgot Password” option. Use this if you have lost your information. We cannot view or change your passwords. If you cannot resolve it, you can always contact us.

How does the reservation work?

After an approved registration, you can search the kitchens that you find interesting on the website. You can book and pay for the kitchens directly (if available). Once you have completed the payment, the kitchen is reserved for you.

How can I pay?

We currently offer two types of payments:
– Creditcard (Visa, Mastercard & AMEX).
– iDeal betaling (Alle Nederlandse banken).

Can’t get it out?

We are of course always ready for you and your questions!

Feel free to contact us via the contact details below or by filling in the form. If you choose the form, we will do our best to respond within 48 hours.