Rent a kitchen on your terms

Rent a kitchen without being tied to a long-term subscription? With us you can indicate per month how many days you want to use the kitchen, so you never pay too much. Flexible and good for your wallet.

With us you make your own subscription

With us you decide how much you want to pay and when you want to use the kitchen. This degree of flexibility is also reflected in our monthly adaptable subscriptions, the many additional services and our employees. We are happy to think along with you.

Discover what we have to offer you

With five fully-fledged production kitchens and our Master Kitchen, you can be sure that you always have a place with us. Of course you choose which kitchen you want to rent, which additional options you need and for how many days you want to reserve the kitchen. And are you less busy the following month? Then you can easily adjust your subscription. That is renting a kitchen our way.

The Master Kitchen.

Are you looking for a kitchen that is available day and night and is also fully equipped with top-quality kitchen equipment such as a Rational oven, 6-burner gas stove, gas buck, walk-in cold room and mixers? Then rent our Master Kitchen and enjoy more than 40 m2 of culinary freedom.

Five Production kitchens

Our production kitchens can be rented flexibly. This means that you can rent this with or without a subscription. You decide for how long you want to rent the kitchen and what additional services / equipment you need. These kitchens are also available for you day and night. Ideal for a caterer.


Every chef knows that there is always a pile of dishes at the end of the day or night. We also offer various solutions for this. So you can do the dishes yourself and use the dishwasher, you can hire a dishwasher through us or you can opt for our dishwasher service. Plenty of options at!

As a company, do you want to reserve a permanent place with us for a year?
This is possible at a very attractive special rate. Please do get in touch with us to discuss about the possibilities.

“ offers me exactly what I need”

Rarely I came into contact with an organization that thinks along well with you. Everything shows that the employees are knowledgeable and really listen to your wishes. The quality of the kitchens and equipment is also great. Always clean and without problems I can get started every week.

“It makes my business a lot easier”

Via via I came to I regularly organize events and because of this I often had to prepare a lot of food at the last minute. Now that I know this, it makes my business a lot easier.

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Renting a kitchen does not have to be expensive

Do you want to rent a kitchen but not want to pay too much? Our single rental starts from just € 18 per hour. Do you need the kitchen for a longer period of time? Then opt for a subscription with prices as low as € 6.25 per hour.